Linda Spooner Natural Therapies


Ardingly | Tel: 01444 891884 | 07885 213895

67 High Street, Ardingly Sussex RH17 6TB

Functional medicine, Nutritonal therapy, Allergy testing, Supplementation advice, Kinesiology, Therapeutic massage, Cranial massage and Reflexology

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Experience & Qualifications

Studied reflexology at the London School of Reflexology and then at the Renbardou School in Croydon gaining an ITEC qualification. As well as Anatomy and Physiology, Massage and Aromatherapy, again at the Renbardou School gaining more ITEC qualifications. Worked with a chiropractor for several years sharing techniques.

Trained in Kinesiology with Maureen Begg and Sheldon Deal - This therapy not only helps identify problem muscles, it uses techniques from Chinese medicine to correct energies, and meridians, which ultimatley correct the physical body, bringing energy back to organs and muscles.

Graduated from The Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College in London having gained Diplomas in Nutritional Medicine and Dietary Therapeutics. This course also gave instruction in iridology. Received a diploma in Functional Medicine from the Functional Medicine College in America Then went on to study Allergies and Intolerances with Don Harrison in Wales.

Completed training in Blood Microscopy having studied in Portugal and England.

Also qualified to use Spagyric medicine and Flower essences. As well as Dr Bradley Nelson Emotion codes Working with body energy and chakras is very important. Giving instruction to clients as how to help themselves is equally important.

I am continually attending updates on all my therapies and teaching my techniques to fellow therapists.