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Functional medicine, Nutritonal therapy, Allergy testing, Supplementation advice, Kinesiology, Therapeutic massage, Cranial massage and Reflexology

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Clients' Comments

I have consulted with Linda for many years for a variety of health problems. She is one hundred percent professional and multi talented and her treatments have always been most effective. Linda takes time to analyse the problem from both a health and welfare point of view and I can confidently recommend her.
M.S. Buxted, East Sussex

I have been seeing Linda for many years for massage and nutritional advice. She has amazing healing hands and always finds where my problems are usually before I even tell her. Since having children I have also brought my daughter to see her who had suffered a horrible case of thrush and had been back to the Dr time after time and after one visit to Linda it had cleared up within a few days. I have the highest respect for Linda and with the years of knowledge she always seems to have an answer
V.LC East Grinstead, Sussex

I found Linda to be a very caring and proficient practitioner who has helped me tremendously with my battle against candida. She has a wealth of knowledge in her field and thankfully through this has gradually brought me back to good health. I have lost weight and feel so very energised.
L.J. West Humble, Dorking

I met Linda many years ago when I had a very stressful job with long hours and very early mornings. I had to keep on top of things as my job included public safety. I am in no doubt that Linda kept me going in those days with the help of choosing the best foods for me and treatments of kinesiology and massage. She has always looked at the whole person to get the very best of treatment for her clients – for that I am so very grateful. I am retired now and still see Linda for 'MOT' treatments now and again. I highly recommend Linda she is the best.
D.M Polegate Sussex

I was put in touch with Linda by a friend because I have ankylosing spondylitis and crohn's disease. I was feeling tired and anxious most of the time, I had a very limited diet and never knew when I would have to rush to the bathroom. I had been to see many therapists over the years who said that they could help but they all failed and I was at the end of my tether.

The treatment I received from Linda was gentle with a lot of thought as to how my body would take change. My food plan was checked and foods that would irritate my condition were removed plus medications were given. Over time I lost weight, gained energy and now never feel the urgency or frequency of needing the bathroom, in fact the requirement now is normal maybe twice a day. The pain has gone and I feel that I have my freedom back Linda was always kind and considerate to my condition and I feel that she listened, I would recommend her again and again she has worked wonders.
D.S. Reigate, Surrey

I have suffered with a bad back, and have seen many health professionals during the years trying to get my problem fixed. I met Linda a few years ago and since receiving treatments with her my back problems have gradually totally disappeared! It is such a joy to live a pain free life to enjoy my garden and to be able to keep it looking lovely with many plants and flowers. This was hardly possible when I was suffering very badly with my back. But now I see Linda whenever I need the odd tweek.

I found Linda to be very professional and very caring and extremely knowledgeable in her field of practice. She is always kind and friendly, ready to put you at your ease. I am very fortunate to get to know such as special person with so many gifts to offer to those with health problems. I would recommend Linda to anyone who has a health issue and to never give up of becoming pain free. She is the best.
H.W East Grinstead

I am a celiac and have suffered from digestive problems for a number of years, which have gradually worsened in the last year or so. I approached Linda after a recommendation from a neighbour and although dubious before I met her and what she could do for me, I felt totally at ease at the first visit.

She gave me a strict diet to keep to, avoiding some foods I'd previously thought I could have and adding others to help my digestive issues, and together with certain supplements, after a couple of times of seeing Linda, I felt so much better and every one was commenting on how well i looked. I found Linda considerate, caring and friendly and would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.
Nettie Parks - 12/5/2016

I initially approached Linda because I was seeking help identifying and addressing allergies, and found her details on the website of The British Allergy and Environmental Therapy. My immune system was not as effective as I would have liked it to be, my energy was low and I had constant asthma - my GP had mentioned that there may be an allergy basis as the cause, possibly environmental. I am well aware that complimentary therapies are not a 'quick fix', but healing can be likened to the layers of an onion, gradually peeling of each layer until you reach the root cause at the centre, and I fully expected to receive a course of treatments over a period of time.

I respected Linda's advice to tackle the issue with Kinesiology, muscle testing for allergies; adjusting my diet and taking supplements accordingly. Linda has also given me chakra and colour balancing: emotion code work; and reflexology. Linda introduced each of these at the appropriate times and I enjoyed all and found them effective.

The trust that I put in Linda's experienced hands has proved to be invaluable. She has been a great support through a significant life change, and at the same time, over the months my health has gradually improved. She has gently guided me to understand better which foods suit my individual body chemistry, and I enjoy my improved diet, which is also helping me to feel so much better generally.

I feel that I have now reached the centre of that onion, and I continue to trust and thank Linda for her endless patience and detective work which has resulted in us reaching this point. I say 'us' because I also take responsibility for my own health – and the teamwork that has developed with Linda is making this a fascinating and rewarding journey towards greater health and wellbeing. Best of all I now have an immune system which responds when needed, ready to approach this winter with confidence.
L.M Horley Surrey