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Functional medicine, Nutritonal therapy, Allergy testing, Supplementation advice, Kinesiology, Therapeutic massage, Cranial massage and Reflexology

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Functional & Nutritional Medicine

This is a treatment tailored completely for each client. No one reaches a health problem in the same way as anyone else, we are all unique. No consultation is the same for everyone as it depends on what is presented.

The consultation always begins with the completion of forms and various questionnaires. A detailed case study is taken and some 'in-house' testing is essential. If necessary tests, such as blood, stool or saliva, have to be advised and sent away to be analysed, but this is only done if necessary or if asked for by the client.

It is very important to talk through your condition or worry and to be assured that it is within strict confidence. Discussion is often the best way to get to the root of any condition or worry.

No 'silly' diets are given or mountains of supplements advised, but in saying that foods may need to be changed and supplements given for a short while. All this depends on the severity of the condition presented.

Allergy & Intolerance Therapy

The testing method used is kinesiology, but if preferred blood tests or hair analysis can be arranged. The use of kinesiology is non invasive and accurate, it involves no discomfort. It can be used on children and babies plus those too frail to be muscle tested themselves. When allergies/intolerances are found they are discussed between the therapist and client as to how to deal with them.


This is conducted with the client lying on a therapy couch or sitting, if necessary. The therapist chooses an appropriate muscle for the client, usually an arm muscle. The muscle is tested by applying gentle pressure and it will stay strong. The sample being tested is place on the abdomen and the body's sensory system detects the presence and nature of the sample. If the client is allergic/intolerant to the sample the muscle will immediately become weak, if not it will remain strong. Any weakness at the time of testing does not remain in the muscle, it is only evident when the substance is in contact with the body.


Any number of samples can be tested, including samples supplied by the client of substances which they use regularly or feel they have a problem with, plus those supplied by the therapist.